In 1994, two years after I graduated at the Conservatory and already being a busy opera- and concert singer, I had severe vocal problems. I was about to make my first solo album in Berlin and was afraid my voice would not make it through the recording sessions. 

Fortunately, at that time I met the famous and fantastic vocal coach Margreet Honig, who thoroughly helped me with my technique and put my singing back on track.

This situation has been an immense influence on me as a singer and vocal coach. Not only have I never had any vocal problems ever since, it has also motivated me to do a lot of research on vocal technique and to help young singers not to get into the same trouble as I had been in, or to help them get out of vocal problems.

In my voicelessons vocal technique is the core of the work, but always linked to the demands of the music score. The ideal sound and communication of text and music of the student him or herself is the basis for our work, next to what I consider a healthy sound production.

fotografie Caroline Martinot
fotografie Caroline Martinot

A free sound, a text that is clearly pronounced in any language, expression in colour of sound and rhetorics, ease in the registers and passaggi, as well as a good intonation, dynamic differences and flexibility of the voice are the goals that I pursue, together with the student.

Because of my own experience as a singer, I understand very well the vulnerability of a (young) singer.

My approach is therefor firmly rooted in my knowledge of anatomy and physiology on one side and psychological and psychosomatic principles on the other side. 

I am deeply convinced that a voice lesson is a journey of exploration and discovery, that can only take place in a safe environment for the student.

There should be room for experiment and for any emotion that might pop up. I know how frustrating it can be to become aware of what you can not do yet and how wonderful it is when you can!

The fact that I am not only a voice teacher, but also a certified health practitioner and breathing coach is an important source of inspiration in my studio.